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 Wuxi Nanfang Refractories Co., Ltd was founded in 1958. As the leading producer of the continuous casting refractory for the steel industry in China, It has received many awards for its excellence, including ¡°National high-tech enterprises¡±, ¡°National Enterprise Abiding by Contract and Valuing Credit¡± ¡°Grade-A Supplier for Baosteel¡± etc. . The company is well known in the industry for its technology force , production level and quality reliability.

Our major products are as follows :Ladle Shroud, SEN, Rod Stopper , Slide plate gates, Purging Plugs for Ladle, Purging Plugs for BOF&EAF and Refractory for the body of the Tundish and Ladle etc..

The company has gained good reputation in many steelmaking plants such as : Baosteel, Shougang Group, , Shagang ,Anshan steel, Benxi Steel, Taiyuan Steel, Baotou Steel, Jisco, Ma-steel, Tianjin Steel, Handan Steel, Xingcheng Special Steel, Fushun Special Steel, Nanjin Steel etc.. Our products are also exported to Europe, America, Russia,Asia pacific.

The company always attached great importance to R&D, We not only depend our own R&D force, but broadly cooperating with the Research institutes ,Universities, and our customers .Our many products filled up the domestic gap and replaced the importation. 

 After experiencing decades of development, the company has been the leading producer for the Iso-statically pressed products :L/S,SEN ,Rod Stopper in China ,and one of the most important competitors in the international market. 

We will continually focus in the industry and supply the reliable,, advanced products for the steel industry, and welcome any inquiry and cooperation.

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